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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Operation Tuli

(WARNING: This post contains videos and photos that may be distressing to anyone with a conscience or a shred of human dignity. View at your own discretion.)

The Philippines has a long, strange, and confusing history with pagtutuli (circumcision). For years it has been a traditional custom performed at the age of 12 as a rite of manhood to coarsely chop off the foreskin and send the boy jumping into the ocean. In more recent years it has been medicalized and even commercialized with clinics selling circumcisions for adolescent boys during the summer months (so that they have adequate time to recover before school starts).

Despite the fact that circumcision is not a part of Christianity, the United Church of Christ in the Philippines holds Operation Tuli, a mass circumcision charity event, as part of its "healing ministry." Church missionaries, nursing school students, and military personnel who have volunteered their time travel around to various towns and perform free circumcisions for 9-12 year old boys.

A large portion of the people performing the surgeries are not medical staff and have had very minimal training immediately before the event. There is no privacy whatsoever, as boys are laid out on a table one after another while everyone watches. Local anesthesia is used and for some boys this is enough for them to remain calm, while others scream the entire time and have to be forcefully restrained.

This is what happens when people are lied to about the so called "benefits" of circumcision. This is what happens when a whole nation buys into a load of myths. This is what happens in the U.S., except that it is done to infants who have no clue what is happening, and quite often no anesthesia is used. In some ways, I think it is *better* to do this to young boys, rather than babies, since they at least understand what is happening. But its still not okay - these boys are not old enough to make the decision to have this done to them, and they and their parents have NOT been given true informed consent - just a load of lies.

I think pictures, and especially videos, are stronger than words. So I present to you a glimpse into Operation Tuli.

Video 1

If you listen, the screams several other boys are clear.
Massive amounts of benzocaine are being used on this boy which can cause tissue damage - a result of inexperienced "surgeons." Music is playing, people are chatting, this young boy is having the most sensitive part of his body cut off in front of dozens of uncaring people.

Video 2 click here.
This video is not a close up of one circumcision, but shows the entire atmosphere at a small Operation Tuli event. People sitting, chatting, eating, while boys lay on tables being cut, and others rest on benches trying to recover from their passage into manhood.

(Gotta love them using newspaper to keep blood off of the boys' bodies. That's sanitary, right?)

The removed foreskins.

Nothing says "AIDS prevention" like messy mass surgeries with blood all over the place, right?

More information on Operation Tuli:


  1. Purely and utterly tragic. I have few words to describe such destruction of lives - and all for a lie.

    I appreciate physicians like Dr. Dean Edell who speak out against this human rights violation and the myths being pushed onto the bodies of these young boys:

  2. I couldn't bring myself to watch the video, but just looking at these photos has me crying. How is it that things like this still go on in the world? HOW?

  3. People actually have the nerve to say that this isn't like Female Circumcision like hell it isn't.

  4. Very sad cultural superstitions, one day it will end, only soon I hope

  5. A sad facet of this is that semi-qualified medical people show up to help on the mistaken notion that this semi-medicalized procedure is safer and cosmetically better than the traditional Philippine procedure - which is becoming rare except in very rural settings - wherein the foreskin is pulled away from the body and the end of it is chopped longways on top only for less than an inch. This has the effect of letting the skin flop free of the glans so it can just bunch up around the frenulum, without amputating anything.

    A lot of today's adults only know the traditional procedure, so when a doctor says "I'll circumcise that baby for you" they submit, only to be shocked when they see that part of his penis was amputated.

    1. Ron is talking about a dorsal slit. Here's an image:

  6. What I gotta ask is, what are caucasian non-Filipinos doing there? Would they go to Indonesia, Malaysia or Singapore to help with the "Sunnat" of girls? This is absolutely despicable there exists this double-standard. With girls and women, Westerners scream "mutilation!" With boys and men, they "help out." Sickening and disgusting.

  7. Parents wanting to circumcise their children should be forced to watch these videos over and over to drill it into their minds the pain and suffering trauma undergone by children when this type of barbaric, evil, mutilation is done to them

  8. GENITAL MUTILATORS BE AWARE, you better quit immediately or you may get arrested in very near future. The world is waking up. We are organizing worldwide as we simply won't allow this disgusting and bloody child rape, torture and human rights violation on non-consenting children anymore! Your pictures and data have been recorded as evidence for judgment day. All those that still preach and commit this sadistic and perverted sex crime on children shall be arrested and locked up for a lifetime in high security prisons. This will bring an immediate end to this barbaric and insane cruelty!

  9. I CANNOT watch circ videos, but I seriously came THISCLOSE to vomiting just from looking at the pictures. It's one of life's most disgusting, horrible atrocities!!

  10. As a missionary to the Philippines, well versed in the Filipino culture, and married to a Filipina, I am well aware of these human rights abuses and have been trying my best to stop them. Unfortunately, Filipinos are quite obstinate and will hardly budge on this issue--they seem to love their "culture" and its "traditions" more than they love their children. It is a horrible, senseless, sinful, and mutilative practice, and sadly I have seen the horrible "effects" of these "penis butchers". Trust me, they are NOT circumcised--they are BUTCHERED, not to mention the destructive psychological effects of this on their tender lives.

    If anyone--especially Filipinos--is interested in learning more about how we can stop this "cycle of abuse, please send an email to or

  11. Look who is smiling, and who is not. BTW, where is Tim Tebow? Maybe he got there too late for the photo shoot on this one? This has got to stop.

  12. I know that I have been able to find in the past that Nestle has given financial support for this, but I cannot find it now. Does anyone know / have a link to show whether or not they still do?

  13. Repulsive in the extreme, a UN WHO task force should be sent to the PI to reverse this carnage

  14. One small effort at re-education: host site for the iPhone/Pod/Pad application i4SkinHealth.
    Please check them out, comment, rate and review the app.
    Instead of adults mutilating minor's penises they can treat themselves to becoming whole and healthier physically and mentally.

  15. Looking at these pictures of the smiling filipino whores doing this cutting of a man's prized possession for their own cosmetic reasons or whatever, it's amazing that I can still trust women and not hate them all. Look at their ugly evil smiles. That will stick in my mind for years to come. I know it's not all but now when I see filipinos I will think of them. There are actually 3 filipinos in my church here and they are narcissistic and self-absorbed. I know all you women are not like this but I can't believe even some of you would do this to others. I thought you were supposed to be the 'caring' gender or something. I now see a way how circ can lead to misogyny. As you sow you reap but I know it's not 'you' who are reading this but those others.

    I hope they have to have rough sex with cut men and get vaginal infections and never experience vaginal orgasm or intact men. Man why the heck do they have to even smile? They are even here obsessed with looking good on camera. At least they can be f--n serious when they are doing such a serious surgery. They look like they're enjoying it way too much, like they're sadists, sick in the head or evil. This is going to leave a very deep mark on my mind and soul. It's ONLY people like Aubrey whatunever knew and others whose stories I've read that keep my faith afloat about your gender. If there are women who are fooled into doing this stuff without having any original trauma of their own, I'm seriously wondering whether women should have the right to vote. they should go back to being good wives and mothers and learn how to protect their infants not being self-righteous sadists and judges on a man's penis hygiene to the extent they can tell him to cut it off. f--n disturbing. There will I'm sure be weeping and gnashing of the teeth in this life or the next, if there's any truth to the continuation of the human soul

  16. Shame on these people! Shame on them!

  17. Actually, I had a similar surgery when I was around 10 years old, but for medical reasons. As far as I remember it didn't hurt too much, excepting the anesthesia. I didn't feel like being mutilated or traumatized, but I am not sure this needs to be done only for cultural or hygiene reasons.
    I notice some of the girls performing or assisting the surgery are very young... I hope they are properly trained. I could not stand to watch the video even if I am a 46 years old now, but in some pictures I noticed the boys don't seem to experience pain during the procedure, and this is consistent to my experience. It seems the girls they were at least able to do a proper anesthesia.

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  21. i dont think its better to do this to young boys than to a baby at all as you say "they at least understand what is happening" that actually makes it "even worse" for them

  22. It looks like closet Muslims sexual mutilators plain and simple there is no good reason for this, it is they who are ashamed of their men being whole as we are all born this way. There is a great sickness in the human race today if these acts are anything to by.

  23. It looks like closet Muslims sexual mutilators plain and simple there is no good reason for this, it is they who are ashamed of their men being whole as we are all born this way. There is a great sickness in the human race today if these acts are anything to by.

  24. Read your Bible there's circumcision there
    Read your Qur'an there's circumcision there
    Obey your Allah who create human
    He comand we obey .. that's all