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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Circumcision Trauma Poem

A warm and tight embrace,
keeps me sheltered in this room.
My safe and secure nest,
I know this is your womb.

I feel the surges pushing me,
and I meet a cold harsh light.
Then suddenly I'm in your arms,
and everything's all right.

Warm and sweet milky life
,given to me with love,
Then something firm snatches me,
a hand covered by glove.

Laid on a cot, I'm wheeled away.
Where could I be going?
Am I going to be okay?
I'm pushed through the doors not knowing.

There's the same harsh light again,
blinding my sensitive new eyes.
The door is shut, just me and them,
will anyone hear my cries?

My arms and legs strapped to a board,
I'm struggling just to move.
My clothing from the waist down,
is all that they remove.

My eyes bulge with fear,
I gasp, scream, and cry.
Why won't you help me, mommy?
I'm afraid that I may die!

I wonder where in the world you are,
while my confused head spins.
Its YOUR job to keep me safe.
But, too late. It begins.

A cold liquid poured upon
my most sensitive spot.
Then a sharp needle enters me,
burning icy hot.

Then I go numb,
body and mind.
I ignore them while
they cut and grind.

Finally they finish,
but I don't care.
I have no clue
how long I was there.

Returned to you now,
you smile at me so kind.
"Did it hurt him at all?"
"No! He didn't mind."

I can't help but feel
that I lost a part of me.
How can I go on
when I'm not who I used to be?

So I eat and I sleep,
resting long to recover.
But I no longer feel safe
in the arms of my own mother.

What if they come back
and decide to hurt me again?
Every burning urination
is a reminder of what happened then.

Time goes by,
I've healed from my trauma.
I'm growing everyday,
I can even say "mama!"

I live a normal life,
though I am NOT the same,
but what can I do?
And who can I blame?

I can only keep living
and seek no retaliation.
I accept my life as normal,
and forget my mutilation.

I live a joyful life,
grow up happily,
and in the process I forget,
all that was stolen from me.

(Jessica Davis Olivera)


  1. Bravo! That's powerful. So many poor babies go through the needless trauma of genital mutilation. I wish more parents would take the time to learn the truth and use their instincts to protect their precious, perfect babies. Thank you.

  2. Thank you tqoe62!
    I wish they would too :(

  3. While I very much appreciate the sentiment, I have to say that this poem is inaccurate- most babies do not receive any kind of pain relief at all. :'-(

  4. SchmoopLuver

    I know a lot of babies are circumcised with no anesthesia at all, and those who do receive anesthesia are not given enough time for it to go into effect.

    However, some doctors do give enough anesthesia and enough time to go into effect. Does this make it okay? HELL NO! But an excuse I hear allllll the time is "well my baby was circumcised and he was just fine, didn't cry at all!" Some babies cry until they go into shock and appear to be sleeping, but others honestly are anesthetized enough not to feel what is happened. My goal with this poem was to speak to those who say "my baby didn't cry at all" and show them that even if your son is properly anesthetized he is still being mutilated, still having a piece of himself stolen. Even while the baby is numb and not feeling pain he is still being violated. And the burning while peeing afterwards during healing is a reminder of that.

  5. Wow, so nice poem. It resonates with my grief on an unconscious level and validates it, so maybe this is real inside of me. If there's such a thing as justice we'll receive glorified restored bodies and the people who do such things will have to pay and suffer shame- not necessarily for eternity but for an Aion. I hope there is justice. That is what I want

  6. Wow... I have a 3 year old son (uncircumsised) and there is no way in hell I would have put him through that trauma!!!

    1. I suggest though it is a quiet torturous threat when intact males hear their penile status as being seen in terms of PENIS+KNIFE. I and many men find this insulting. Really what's the difference between choosing to say circumcised and uncircumcised, they both have knifing the penis? Uncircumcised is a made up word promoted by pro circ forces starting from religion. My intactivist protest signs now incorporate this thought - There's PENIS and there's circumcised penis. This is all. Hope this helps. BTW my facebook notes go into this a little deeper and also contain great refs.

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